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Flash Card Frenzy

Flash card drills are boring, but not with this game!


Choose your own flash cards, they could be physical cards,
cards from an app, a PDF, or even words that you write out.

The student starts on the left side, and the challenger (usually the instructor) starts on the right side. If the student can read the word presented by the challenger, then (s)he advances one square. If (s)he read the word incorrectly, then the challenger rolls the die and moves ahead (note that the student never rolls the die).
Whoever reaches the finish line first wins!

This game can also be used for spelling. You play the same way as described above, only the challenger gives a word for the student to spell. If correct, the student advance, otherwise the challenger rolls the die.

Made from 8.5” x 11”, laminated stock paper
Easy to store and keep clean.

One die and two player pieces are included (colors vary).

Flash cards are NOT included.

Use our flash card app (free) in any browser.
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This will display flash cards on your device (computer, phone, or tablet)

customizable flash cards

* If you own an iPad, we also recommend you use the app - Bitsboard.
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