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Our Reading Programs for the Classroom

1. Extremely Affordable - The cost is only for the workbooks, which are 40% off list price. Our Blast Off to Reading, for the classroom books are specially priced for higher quantities. A student copy can be as low as $13.25!

2. You get a lot. You get: the free flash cards (in PDF form), free on-line games, and free audio dictations through our site.

3.  Our programs are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. This method has been proven to be the most effective in treating dyslexia.

4. And the fun continues. We also offer many physical games which go with our programs.

5. Not only are our programs a great buy, they are highly structured so you won't miss a thing, and very little planning is needed. Just open the book and change your students' lives!

6. Our books are so easy to use, you can easily enlist parent participation.

7. Students actually like our program! Why? Because exercises are short and sweet, and students know they're getting what they need.

8. Our programs are highly effective. Others don't go all the way to the more complicated sounds, in longer words. Ours does. We make sure that everything gets taught.

9. There is no training or certification required. This alleviates a heavy burden on schools trying to make ends meet.

10.  Try before you buy.  For Blast Off to Reading & A Workbook for Dyselxics, you can download the first 5 lessons to see if it's for you.

10 Reasons to Choose Our Programs

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