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The Other Resources
BitsBoard - for the iPad

Coming soon to Android devices!! - click here to sign up to be notified when available

This is a very versatile app, where you can make your own "boards" or use other boards which you can download from a community (see below for RSLI's boards). These boards can be used for a number of activities, such as: matching games, bingo, unscrambling a word, flash cards, choosing the right word from a group, word matching, etc.

We have created a number of boards that follow our phonics reading programs.
To find these boards, load bitsboard up on your iPad, go to "CATALOG" (homepage upper left) and do a search for "RSLI Lesson <insert #>". The "board" associated with that lesson will be displayed. Simply download the board and have fun!
To see all of RSLI's board, search for "RSLI" in the CATALOG.

bitsboard pic for ipad

*Note that the matching game is most requested game by students.
Make sure your student reads the words out-loud as you both play
(adjust the game settings so that your iPad does not read for them).


Montessori Crosswords - for the iPad & Kindle Fire

This app teaches phonemes as the child builds words with the clues given. It includes word with many common sounds, such as: oi, th, ch, sh, oy, consonant blends, and short and long vowels (VCV and VV). After each puzzle is a fun, interactive animation which kids love.

We recommend that you change the settings to only use lowercase letters, since that is usually what we use to read and write with, and use the phonics setting, so that letter sounds are used instead of letter names.

Montessor Crosswords

Teach Me: Third Grade - for the iPad

(There is also a Teach Me First Grade and a Teach Me Second Grade)

This is a fun app that we (at RSLI) reserve for the last 10 minutes of our sessions as a reward, which incorporates phonics and reading sight words.
The student goes into the school, where he or she earns coins, to which he/she can make purchases. The purchases are a lot of fun; they can set up their own house, set up a fish tank, make art work, etc. Each student has their own account, which keeps track of their progress. A very cute aspect of this is that a student can go into the "neighborhood" and check out other students' houses.
To earn these coins, the student must answer questions. These question can include the following activities (all of which can be controlled by you): choosing a word from a list, writing a word (using a finger or keyboard) , multiplication & division drills, and fast multiplications & division drills.
Since we focus on reading, we usually turn the math activities off.

Teach Me 3rd Grade


Phonics Genius - for the iPad

This is a great flash card app. It goes way beyond most other flash card apps in that it has sounds that are not usually addressed, such as "ition", "ity", "ious", "eigh", "dge", etc.
This app is great for review & practice.

phonics genius


Starfall Learn to Read

This app is great to teach little ones to read, however it is also nice for elementary aged children who have dyslexia and are going through our reading program. It contains many animations with catchy songs to illustrate many phonics related concepts, as well as cute activities and spelling drills (which are colorful and fun).

Also available at amazon store for android devices,
and available for a PC at:

starfall learn to read


Howie The Hungry Monster: Build Words

This is an adorable app which seems to be made for younger students, however, the content is perfect for struggling readers who are learning phonics.
Your student will be asked to spell a word, which will use phonics sounds that go beyond those found in most apps (most apps are too simplistic for the dyslexic student).
For example, in a higher level, you may be asked to spell "toy", to which you would identify the first consonant sound as "t" and then the sound "oy". They use phonics sounds such as: 'ch', 'th', 'sh', 'uck', 'ay', 'ow', 'ew', 'ind', 'oo', 'ph', etc., as well as long vowel teams and silent 'e' words.

the hungry monster

hungry monster

Howie The Hungry Monster: Find Vowels

This app is much like the one above, however, instead of building the entire word,
the student must locate the missing sound.

iPhone Screenshot 5


Word Wizard - for the iPad

This app uses a moveable alphabet, which says the phonetic sounds of the letters as they are pressed and moved. This will even say the sounds that are created as letters are put together (such as /th/ for 'th'). In addition, you can build your own lists, which are stored. After your student completes a list, the child can play a bit with the floating stars.

WordWizard for iPad


Diagnostic On-line Reading Assessment (DORA)

click here

This software will determine your child's reading level, giving you a full printed report.

Note that we have no affiliation with the above items, we just like them and recommend them to anyone teaching children how to read. If you have any suggestions and would like us to add them to this page, please contact us. and let us know.

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