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Neighborhood Phonics

The funnest phonics card game ever!

Objective: To create as many real words as possible.

Step 1: Separate the cards into two piles: a beginning sound pile (left) and an ending sound pile (right). Lay them side by side so that words can be formed.

Step 2: Player one reads the word that the two cards make. If it is a nonsense word then the player one removes the card that he or she thinks will most likely make a REAL word. If the new word is a real word, the player takes the two cards.
It is now the next player’s turn.

Step 3: The next player reads the new word that is revealed, repeating the process in step 2.

Step 4: When the last card from any of the two piles is used, the game is finished. Count your words to see who has the most.
The player with the most wins!

Each deck has 36 cards, that are 2.5" x 3.5" standard playing cards.

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Deck C:
nd, old, aw, all, alk, ge, dge, nge, ace, ice, & ance.

Deck B:
oo, nch, oy, oi, igh, ar, or, ow, ew, ie, ue, ai, ee, ea, & oa.

Deck A:
consonant blends,
nk, ng, ck, ay, tch, sh, & th.


These games will get your student to read nonsense words for phonics practice.
Create new words and new neighborhoods with these colorful cards.
Students love to compete with each other, or with their tutor or teacher!