It is very important to follow the instructions to implement the program correctly.
Before each lesson, you will go through these flash cards with your group. Note that once cards are mastered you can omit them.

Click here for the on-line flash cards.

Your students should do the dictations as homework, unless you prefer to have them done in class. Until specified, words are not to be memorized, only the sounds should be. The word lists will be in the back of your Teacher's Guide. Click here to see the audio.

Your Teacher's Guide will tell you what games to play and when. You will have to instruct your students, since this information will not be in their workbooks.

We recommend they play these game with a parent or other adult.

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Steps for BlastOff for the classroom

In the Teacher's Guide there is a letter to the parent. We recommend that you make copies and give these to the parents so they will understand their responsibilities at home.

For convenience, here is a link to the letter: click here.

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