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Our O-G Reading Program for Ages 13 to Adult
Phonics Reference Sheet

We recommend this laminated
sheet for a quick reference.

This sheet contains all of the sounds covered, in sequential order, in our reading programs.

Your student can use this sheet to search for a sound needed when writing.
You can also use it for a quick review
before your phonics lesson.

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A Workbook for Dyslexics - 3rd Edition
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This is a reading program for older students who are dyslexic. It contains 55 lessons that will gradually teach your student to decode and spell words using phonics, rules and memory cues. The lessons gradually build up to the next topic, offering repetition for reinforcement. Being based on the well known Orton-Gillingham method for overcoming dyslexia, this program is effective; your student will be well on their way to reading within a short time. Answer key is included. 

Perfect bound, color ink, 304 pages, 8.5" x 11", American English, ISBN: 978-0-9831996-6-3

Answer key & dictation list is included.

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